Orthodox Moldova is now available in English

12:30, Tuesday, 11 February, 2014 | 1165 Views |

Following the launching of the Russian version of the Orthodox Moldova web site, we are now glad to announce our readers that it has also become available in English at https://en.ortodox.md/

The initiators of this Christian presence in the on-line environment, priests Mihail Borta and Constantin Cojocaru, announce us that the English version of the page is a natural step towards opening and sharing Orthodox Christian values with English speakers worldwide.

“We came to the decision to create an English version of the web site after we noticed with much satisfaction that the ORTHODOX MOLDOVA is becoming increasingly popular abroad. Thus, within one year of its activity, the www.ortodox.md web site was accessed by over 8000 Interned users from the USA, 3000 users from Great Britain, 1700 users Canada, etc.

During the same period, Orthodox Moldova was visited by 57 000 users from the Republic of Moldova, over 100 000 from Romania, and over 3000 from the Russian Federation.

These results are pleasing to us, but they also oblige us to be dynamic in storing authentic information, written in a language accessible to our readers from our country and from abroad, mentioned the web site administrators”.

On this occasion, the authors bring glory to the Lord and thank all persons involved in this Christian labour. Let this Internet presence be useful to all those who want to know better our faith and people.



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