On the 14th Sunday after Pentecost, His Eminence Metropolitan Vladimir celebrated the Divine Liturgy in the St. Nicolas Monastery, Dobrusa village, Soldanesti region

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Numerous Christians participated on Sunday, 10 September 2017 in the Divine Liturgy in the St. Nicolas Monastery in the village of Dubrusa, Soldanesti Region, celebrating the renovation and consecration of the holy shrine.

The Divine Service was officiated by H.E. Metropolitan Vladimir of Chisinau and All Moldova, who was assisted by Archpriest Vadim Cheibas, the Metropolitan Secretary, Archimandrite Petru (Tomacinschi), the Monk Superior of Dobrusa Monastery, Archpriest Vasile Rotaru, Dean of Soldanesti circumscription, and numerous priests and deacons.

In sign of the archpastor’s high appreciation of zealous efforts for the renovation and good running of the monastic settlement, Archimandrite Petru (Tomacinschi) was rewarded by Metropolitan Vladimir with the right of wearing crozier.

During the Divine Service, hierodeacon Pavel (Taulean), inhabitant of the monastery, was ordained hieromonk, and seminary student Grigore Obertun was ordained deacon.

On this blessed occasion, the newly-ordained clergymen received the Metropolitan’s congratulations, thanking the hierarch for the entrusted high mission and guidance.

After the Liturgy, a procession around the church was held, then the Metropolitan and the concelebrating clergy officiated a commemoration Litany at the tomb of ever commemorated Archimandrite Damian (Potoroaca).

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