Ministry of Education makes concession – earlier decision cancelled

10:06, Monday, 1 September, 2014 | 1517 Views |

Minister of Education Maia Sandu cancelled earlier ministerial disposition that recommended the exclusion of “religious rituals” at the beginning of school year.

An earlier ministerial decision signed on 26th August was replaced with a new one, aiming at the exclusion of any form of reference to the presence of religious elements on the Knowledge Day.

In the new disposition, the Ministry of Education recommends all teaching staff to create opportunities for every single student, for active involvement in organizational activities during the first classes, to facilitate team integration of new students, to secure risk-free environment for every student, and to exclude any form of discrimination.

We remind that earlier, Deputy Minister Liliana Nicolaescu-Onofrei signed a memo “recommending” school headmasters to exclude any “religious rituals” at the inauguration of the new school year. Based on this anti-religious order of the Ministry of Education, priest Maxim Melinte from Ghidighici village was forbidden to appear in priest vestments at the new school year holiday:

“I was invited today to participate in the Day of Knowledge on the 1st September, at Secondary School No. 79 in our village Ghidighici. However, the school headmaster Violeta Ursu placed a special condition in the invitation – forbidding me to appear in priest vestment, making reference to the recommendation of the Ministry of Education of 26.08.2014, chartering that school headmasters exclude “religious rituals” from the 1st of September event. I wonder is my cassock may anyhow violate this decision, and how long we will continue to let Godless people manipulate us” – writes Fr. Maxim in his Facebook account.


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