Gay prides strike spiritual values – the Orthodox Church of Moldova

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Chisinau, 5th September 2014

The Holy Synod of the Orthodox Church of Moldova condemned gay prides and the “Equality law”, adopted by the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova in May 2012, informs Interfax Religion.

“With the infamous complicity of the Government, active promoters of homosexuality are strengthening their positions and are implementing broad media campaigns for the promotion of this big sin. Gay prides and public manifestations of sex minorities strike directly into the dignity of eternal spiritual values of our people, who have always unmasked all soul-depraving impulses”, says the document approved by Holy Synod of the Orthodox Church of Moldova.

The Church hopes that the authorities will “hear the people” and abrogate the mentioned law.

The Synod sessions started on Wednesday 3rd September and lasted several days.

As mentioned previously, the “Equality Law” was adopted on 25th May 2012, at the insistence of the European Union. The approval of the non-discrimination law was one of the EU conditions for the application of the Plan of liberalization of visa regime for Moldovan citizens.

In June 2013, the Synod of the Orthodox Church of Moldova threatened the politicians supporting this law, that they might be excommunicated from Church.

Metropolitan of Chisinau and All Moldova Vladimir said that “a first step may be refusal of Holy Communion to such politicians”. However, in what followed, the Church renounced to such harsh actions against the politicians and to open-term protests, says Interfax Religion.

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