Can daily navigation on Orthodox spirituality websites be an alternative to the traditional Church service attendance?

10:35, Thursday, 2 April, 2015 | 2554 Views |

Talking about the importance of on-line communication in Orthodoxy, can it be an alternative to traditional church-goint?

– Categorically no. As I said earlier, the virtual environment indeed provides certain communication perspectives that were unknown six or seven years ago to the Orthodox internet in our country. However, true communion with God can be achieved and experienced only in Holy Church, and this will always be this way, regardless of the information technology progress.

Nobody should be deluded by the thought that if they read about holy matter on the computer screen, they will be granted the blessing, as if they participated in Holy Services. I say this now and I will always say, internet is a launching track for those who want to approach the Church, but it cannot be someone’s destination point.

I call everybody to build upon the words they encounter in websites of Orthodox spirituality and attitude, to apply spiritual advice in their everyday life, following them to accomplish salvation and be good examples for the people around them.

Fragment from Pr. Mihail Bortă: „Societatea contemporană vine cu multe provocări şi riscuri pentru suflet, dar totodată, ne oferă şi soluţiile necesare pentru a contracara aceste atentate spirituale”

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