What is happiness?

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Human infantile dream hangs by a blind delusion and self-deception that will find somewhere, sometime happiness .When in fact , this dream involves a long journey full of ( re) births, falls, lifting , as many meetings, on so many breakups sometimes even more.To be happy you must take a risk, the risk of losing or winning, the belief in the uncertainty of tomorrow but then after years, months, days and nights wandering to find the courage to fight the door of your own soul and discover the purity and innocence of the body buried in worldly sin .

In one day I asked an acquaintance what is happiness in his vision . He said that ” happiness is the banality of optimists whose thoughts beg perfection in a rotten world .” But how many of us know the value of true happiness and how many of us can define or at least know what it includes ?

To many happiness is something more material like money, house , fame, machine, dreams that come true etc. For fewer happiness is faith, health, pure love  and losing itself into giving.Of the latter meet less often, but it is said that the last shall be first.Today more than ever we are consumers of all and everything and we seek purpose in a dusty living in sin, ignorance and opacity. Too mechanized and globalized from the crown to toe, still have the guts to beg a gram of happiness in a wrinkled world of worries.And who said that we are more informed than ever? I think we are too quick to listen to the silence of a pure thought,or pulse of the grass that is trampled willy-nilly by our feet,  too indifferent to someone’s pain, too spectacular in fake smiles and manipulations.

Man is nothing but a thought chained among thousands, billions of thoughts, and cultivating of true happiness is limited to that grain of faith in every soul – thrown on dry land of the perfect suffering.

Most often consciously or unconsciously raise border between us and others or build castles, grand towers that collapsed at the first flash of our unbelief. So I ask myself and ask you reader: Is God today outdated?A sinner would say: “In the beginning was God, he is somewhere today, but tomorrow I’ll talk to him because today do not have time”. A scientist would say: “God is something that human imagination could never attain. It’s a word, perhaps noting more, but it’s a word with past and present. This is God”.A true Christian would say with trembling lips:” God is my shepherd and all to those who believed in his name with his whole soul and mind, because only he endures over time and space “.Although my thoughts will dare to say some phrases whispered to half-dead consciences: “Man always dressed clothes lie / And lived a life void. / Today, we have as brothers and sisters / Revenge, greed and wealth, / And when the earth one day swallows us. / Sinners in despair we are crying mercy of heaven. / Cut the root of forgiveness and love / We are begging false immortality “. And then, when we have any doubt about happiness, it would be wise to seek the answer in biblical discourse, finding those who are truly happy? Through its message imprisoned souls in selfishness become open to love and salvation.

Be happy in the light, because darkness too often leave their card at Vanity Fair. Be the gardener of your own soul, and do not forget to buy a ticket to the end of days to heaven.

 Renata Popa

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