The Fifth Sunday of Great Lent, the Sunday of St. Mary of Egypt, celebrated at the Metropolitan Cathedral

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On the Sunday of St. Mary of Egypt, the Fifth Sunday of Great Lent, with the blessing of H.E. Metropolitan Vladimir, the Divine Liturgy was celebrated in the central Cathedral of Chisinau by H. G. Bishop Ioan of Soroca, Vicar of the Metropolis of Chisinau and All Moldova.

The bishop was assisted at the service by the metropolitan secretary, Archpriest Vadim Cheibas, and the sinax of Cathedral’s priests and deacons, in the presence of numerous church-goers who came to give glory to the Lord and utter prayers of intercession to St. Reverend Mary of Egypt.

After the Gospel reading, His Grace Ioan delivered a prayer, explaining the significance of the Fifth Sunday of Great Lent dedicated to St. Mary of Egypt: “St. Mary of Egypt is commemorated on this Sunday, in order to determinate us to persevere in this spiritual ascension, through good acts, repentance and progress in cultivating virtues, being aware that our spiritual ascension to Resurrection is embedded with much sorrow and obstacles, that the enemy devil is sleepless, seeking to deviate the humanity from the right path. That is why, the Church brings to our spiritual vision the images of holy ascetics, such as St. Gregory Palamas, St. John of the Ladder, St. Mary of Egypt, determining us to meditate about and follow the example of the model of their lives”.


The Sixth Week of Great Lent (3-9 April) is dedicated to Orthodox Youth, when a series of activities are planned with and for the young generation.

The priests and lay Christians responsible for the Synodal Sector of Pastoral Activity among Youth planned a series of activities for this week, including prayers, conferences, spiritual talks, contests, etc. In addition, pilgrimages and regional youth meetings are planned.

These activities will culminate in the Feast of the Entrance of the Lord in Jerusalem, known as the Palm Sunday.

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