How can we be people of God in all that we do?

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Learn to be man of God. Everybody learn. Do not only  expect others to do so, because those who preside in the chair are also human beings, people who acquired, to a certain extent, the quality of man of God. You should go beyond the teacher, mother, father, school master, etc.

Turn you face to the supreme Teacher of all human kind, towards Christ, and learn from Him to be a man. He is the Son of Man, He is man in the true sense of the word. We, the others, from child to elder, are human beings, with our weaknesses, passions, with our heads stuffed with what others – those without God in their hearts – stuffed us.

The previous regime insistantly promoted atheism, through their teachers and professors. And now, elder people complain: “My teacher puzzled me, saying I had been a monkey!” See, what unhappy role had those teachers! They didn’t do so out of their own will, but they still did it, and this stays on in the minds of many people.

Religious problems are so serious, so deep, that you need a special gift from God, in order to understand them. You may be a notorious university professor, a great engineer, a renown scientist, and, still, not have the power of faith in God.

Because these issues, the existence of God, the embodiment of Jesus Christ, nativity of God on earth, Resurrection, are so high, so profound, so striking, that one need a special gift to penetrate them.

A peasant, a simple worker is often wiser than us, those with much education and knowledge of different things. Because he hears and listens to the voice of consciousness. He listens to his heart, that beats in the rhythm with the heart of the universe! And this is because such is the heart of a human being, created to beat in the rhythm with the entire universe and with the heart of Christ.

And this is what we all should do. Listen to the pulse of the universe! This universe talks to us about God. Not just anybody is able to do this, because not everybody wants to do this. Some people say: “I have studied a lot, I don’t believe in whatever any old woman believes”. But this old woman is much more precious in the entire universe, than a scientist who denies God.

Fragment from interview with H.E. Justinian, Archbishop of Maramureş and Satmare, Magazine „Cuvinte către tineri” (Words for the Youth), Monastery of Putna

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