Church distinctions awarded to a group of Marine and Army Veterans in sign of gratitude

13:38, Thursday, 23 February, 2017 | 1265 Views |

Thursday, 23 February, His Eminence Metropolitan Vladimir received a group of Marine and Army Veterans – ctitors of the Orthodox Church of Moldova.

A group of Marine and Army Veterans visited the Metropolitan Residence today, to meet Metropolitan Vladimir with whom they have a long-lasting warm relation dating back to the times when young Nicolae Cantarean – the future Metropolitan Vladimir – performed compulsory military service in the Black Sea Fleet.

His Eminence Vladimir thanked the ctitors for this warm visit, and wished them to persevere in the Orthodox Faith, continuing to offer a good life example to the younger generations. The Metropolitan remarked the contribution of Ex-Minister of Education, Mr. Victor Tvircun, in the up-bringing and education of young patriots and good Christians among the youth, representing a solid bridge between the State and the Church.

In sign of gratitude and appreciation of the contribution to the prosperity of Orthodoxy in the Republic of Moldova, His Eminence Vladimir awarded church distinctions to all those present, expressing hope for future spiritual achievements.

The veterans, in their turn, presented the Metropolitan with a steel anchor, in the memory of the years when H.E. Vladimir performed military service in the Black Sea Fleet.

It should be mentioned that 23 February was commemorated in the Soviet Union as the Day of Soviet Army and Military Fleet, and continues to be a memorial date, especially for the generations of those who performed military service before the Soviet Union collapse.

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