Around 97% of Moldovan citizens declare to be Orthodox Christians

16:06, Sunday, 2 April, 2017 | 1380 Views |

96,8% of the citizens of the Republic of Moldova who participated in the population census in 2014 (2611,8 thousand persons) identified themselves as Orthodox Christians. This constitutes 1,3% increase, compared to the previous census in 2004.

Those who represent other confessions are Baptists (Evangelical Baptist Christians) making 1,0%, Jehovah Witnesses amounting to 0,7%, Pentecostals – 0,4%, Adventists of the Seventh Day – 0,3%.

Roman Catholics represent 0,1%.

The ratio of those who declared themselves to be atheists or agnostic was 0,2%, that is 1,2 % less than in 2004.

193 000 persons did not state their religion, representing 6,9% of the country’s population.

The census data were published on 31st March 2017 at a press-conference, about three years after the data collection.


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