The Holy Trinity Monastery of Rudi, Soroca raion

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Monastery of nuns

Mother Superior: Hegumeness Maria (Pascariuc)

Location: North of Moldova, Soroca raion

MD-5133, Rudi village, Soroca raion

Phone: (+373) 251 93 777

Mobile: 067193555

Rudi Monastery, also known as Rughi Monastery, is located on the bank of the Nistru River, 15 km from the town of Otaci. In 1777, with the blessing of Bishop Inochentie from Husi (1752 – 17820), a Moldovan style stone church celebrating the feast of the Holy Trinity was founded.

After buying the Rudi family estate, the new owner Mihai Bogus destroyed the monastery. In 1845 his daughter, Anastasia, died tragically. A year after her death, Bogus’ second daughter died as well. This was seen as a kind of punishment for Bogus. At the age of 62 he passed away. The Bogus family was buried on the territory of the monastic complex. There is a stone with the inscription “Mihai Bogus, died in 1846”. Near his grave are the graves of his daughters. On the left wall of the hermitage is another inscription: “Here were buried the monastery founders, Teodor and Andronachi Rudi”.

In 1846, local authorities made the decision to close Rudi Monastery church. It was brought under the care of the Rudi village parish. Mihai Rosea, a close relative of Bogus, became the owner of the monastery. He transformed the holy place into a residence for servants. The monastic complex was abandoned and partially demolished.

In October 1921, with the support of Archbishop Visarion Puiu, Rudi Monastery was reopened. Its restoration was approved by local authorities.

During World War II the monastery was under the guidance of the Abbot Ioachim Barbus. At that time 30 monks inhabited the monastic territory. After the war, the monastic complex was converted into an orphanage. It became a hospital for children. The Holy Trinity church became a depot. In 1990 the hospital was evacuated. Two years later it was abandoned.

In 1992, Rudi Monastery was settled by three monks: the priest Malchisedec and two monks from Romania. In 1993, renovation work began at the monastery. A year later, the restoration of the Holy Trinity church also commenced.


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